So Cammy (rogue347) and I made it out from our nap verrrrrrry late this afternoon. We’re not very with it for the time change and the overnight flight. But we did make it out the door. First stop was Leicester Square to change USD into British pounds. Check. Then we wandered around aimlessly, trying to decide what to do with our time.

We looked at some of the musicals playing the West End right now, but pretty much thought for another night for sure. Sooooo since we were in the area, we found the Donmar and picked up our tickets!!! HOLY HANNAH!!!!

It’s Cammy’s birthday today, did you all say happy birthday? Since she’s the birthday girl, she picked Carluccio’s for dinner. I got a little drunk on dessert and it was amazing. Seriously vanilla ice cream with Frangelico hazelnut liqueor over the top. hnnnnggggg. SSSSSSOOOO GOOD!!!

We wondered past the Donmar around 9pm local time, and there were only 2 people standing outside for the line for tickets…  I’m guessing. Not the crowd I was expecting…  but maybe it’s different for the ACTUAL stage dooring thing….  I can imagine it is.

We’ll try to scope out ACTUAL stage dooring thing tomorrow.

Much love to everyone!!  But bedtime for me I think. I’m exhausted.

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